Blinkytile Explorers Kit

$ 74.99

Build a jumbo-sized project with the BlinkyTile Explorers Kit! This kit comes with everything in the light sculpture kit, plus an additional 28 BlinkyTiles, conveniently labeled and marked for 1-42. Perfect for building a larger project!

For more info and to get started with your BlinkyTile visit:


  • Supports hundreds of individually-addressable tiles
  • Single USB connector for power and control - just like BlinkyTape!
  • Make patterns easily with the graphical pattern editor
  • Or program your own using your favorite programming language!
  • Each Tile contains one RGB LED
  • Open source hardware - for total control and infinite possibilities.

What's included:

  • 3 PCB Panels, for a total of 42 BlinkyTiles
  • 43 snap-in Light Diffusers
  • Lightbuddy LED controller
  • LED data cable
  • USB Cable

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