Bus Pirate 5

$ 45.50

We're excited to stock the Bus Pirate 5, an open source electronics multitool by the wizards at Dangerous Prototypes. It works as the missing port on your computer, allowing you to connect to almost any sensor or digital device, such as SPI memory chips, I2C sensors, ARM SWD debug ports, and more, using just a couple wire connections and a simple scripting language on your computer. If you do hardware development or reverse engineering, the Bus Pirate will be a major time saver- you won't need to set up a whole development environment just to test if a sensor works the way you expect, or if you need to read the data off of some flash chip.

It's a 'batteries included' system, with a built-in power supply, voltage monitors on all pins, and even an extra expansion port for more complex setups. Check out the latest developments in the Bus Pirate forum.

Hardware specifications:

  • Based on the Raspberry Pi RP2040, with two powerful PIO engines
  • Built-in programmable power supply (1-5volts, 0-500mA, digital fuse)
  • 2" color LCD display
  • 8 IO pins, compatible with 1.2-5V signals
  • Onboard 10K pull-up resistors with enable
  • IO pin names clearly labeled on front of device
  • 1Gbit onboard NAND flash
  • 18 RGB LEDs
  • Professional injection molded enclosure
  • Customizable button cap
  • Product version: Rev10

Please note: The base version of the Bus pirate doesn't include cables!

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