3mm Ultra Thin Digital LED Strip with WS2812B-2020,60LED/m

$ 17.00 $ 20.00

This is 3mm wide and 1meter long LED strip with 60pcs of WS2812-2020package LED.

This led strip DI input is on the same side of of the LED.

You can control it with Arduino or our controller Blinkytape Controller and our FREE software PatternPaint

- **Specifications:**
- PCB type: Flexible pcb,black color
- PCB size: 3mmX1meter
- Mounting: tape
- Waterproof level: IP20 non-waterproof
- Connector type:JST SM-3p connector
- Data input is on the same side of the FPC
- LED spacing: 16mm
- 5V power
- 60 full-color RGB LEDs
- LED type: WS2812
- LED package:2020 (metric)
- Compatible with WS2812/neopixel protocol
- Pattern Paint color setting : GRB

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