Ultra thin digital LED strip, white color

$ 14.00

Presenting the thinnest full-color digital LED strip yet! Measuring in at less that half the width of standard WS2812/Neopixel strip, these strips utilize the brand new SK6812-mini LEDs to make the thinnest, lightest strips yet.

The new SK6812 LED modules may be minuscule but they're no slouches- they have a controller that's compatible with the WS2812/neopixel protocol, and should work fine with most standard libraries such as FastLED. They're also a little faster, with a refresh rate of 1.2KHz.

And of course, they are fully compatible with the BlinkyTape Controller and Pattern Paint!

Project example: Make an LED pyramid using the ultra thin LED strip.


  • 4mm wide flexible LED strip, white color strip
  • 60 full-color RGB LEDs per meter
  • 1.2KHz refresh rate for flicker-free lighting
  • LED type: SK6812-mini
  • Compatible with WS2812/neopixel protocol
  • Comes in 1m and 2m lengths

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