Flexible s-shape 'serpintine' digital LED strip

$ 30.00

Presenting the most flexible full-color digital LED strip yet!

These s-shaped LED strips feature a thin, squiggly pattern between each LED. This enables them to be easily bent into curves or other shapes, while still staying flat.

Pair them with a BlinkyTape Controller and Pattern Paint to create an instant light show!

For examples of how to use them, see Honghong's Blinky Pentagon and LED photo frame tutorial.


  • 5mm wide s-shape LED strip, white color strip
  • 48 full-color RGB LEDs per meter
  • 1.2KHz refresh rate for flicker-free lighting
  • LED type: SK6812
  • Compatible with WS2812/neopixel protocol
  • 2m length

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