Blinky Matrix

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The BlinkyMatrix is a very special LED matrix. It has what we like to call an integrated light processor-- that means you don’t have to source your own microcontroller, power supply or connectors. Instead, you simply need to plug in a standard USB battery pack or wall charger, and you’re good to blink.
The BlinkyMatrix is a full-color, flexible 8x8 matrix containing 64 LEDs. It's powered by that integrated light processor which has a standard micro-USB connector. This means you can connect it to a battery or power supply to run on its own, or it can talk to a computer for interactive installations.
When you first plug in your BlinkyMatrix, you’ll be greeted by a sample animation to help you get started. Press and hold the button on the controller to switch patterns and find your favorite. But the fun doesn’t stop there: the BlinkyMatrix comes with a full set of companion software to make it easy for you to make the patterns and effects you want. You can graphically draw pattens and animations the LED strip using PatternPaint. It's also compatible with all of the BlinkyTape programming examples.
  • 8x8 matrix of 64 independently controllable RGB LEDs (WS2812B)
  • Atmega 32u4 processor, compatible with Arduino
  • Animation storage space: 22K, enough for 300 frames (compressed)
  • USB powered, 5V @ 300mA for a sample pattern (current draw varies with program)
  • Open source hardware and software.

What's included

  • BlinkyMatrix panel with integrated BlinkyTape controller
For more info and to get started with your BlinkyMatrix visit the BlinkyTape start page. To join in the online discussion about BlinkyMatrix, visit the Blinkinlabs forum.