Blinky Pendant

$ 16.00

The BlinkyPendant is a pocket-sized POV wand, perfect for making light effects on the go!

The BlinkyPendant works by flashing a strip of LEDs to reveal an image as it waved through the air. It relies on the Persistence of vision optical illusion to trick your brain into interpreting these flashes as a single image.

Customize your Blinky Pendant with your own image! Use Pattern Paint to draw an image and upload it to the pendant.

To use your Blinky Pendant, first remove the protective sheet from the battery holder, then slide the power switch to the \’on\’ position. The lights should begin to flash sporadically. Hold the base of the pendant (the side with the battery) firmly in your hand and shake back and forth rigorously to show the image. Try shaking it slower or faster until you see a clear image. Press the small black button to select a new pattern.